Personalised and holistic mortgage broking

We are a boutique Finance Broking Company in Brighton and Melbourne,
offering a holistic approach to various finance options.

Gary Lamba

Founder and Finance Broker

With numerous awards and 15 years in the mortgage industry, our Director, Gary Lamba’s mission is to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with clients based on an exceptionally personalised and a holistic service offering at Melba mortgage broker.

We are a boutique Finance Brokerage primarily located in Brighton, offering a Fast, streamlined and solutions driven approach to clients scenarios no matter how simple or complex. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different so we take the time to focus on obtaining the right outcome based on your specific financial circumstances.

Gary is proud to have achieved FBAA Finance Broker of the Year finalist for the year 2022 and the following year, Melba Broker were a Finalist for New Office of the year 2023 .Outside of work, Gary cherishes quality time with his daughter Paris and enjoys immersing himself in Melbourne’s art and food scene. 

Rana Fokas

Mortgage Broker

Rana is a Mortgage Broker at Melba Broker and loves helping people realise their property ownership dreams.

She is a firm believer in the idea that property can be the cornerstone of wealth creation and takes her role acting on behalf of our clients very seriously.

In her leisure time, Rana cherishes embarking on road trips with her three children, relishing the adventures they encounter along the way.

She also values quality moments spent with her family and friends, recognising the importance of nurturing these relationships amidst her busy schedule.

Ilya Furman


Ilya Furman is a Lawyer and Founder of Furman + Furman Law firm with whom we share our office in Brighton , Ilya is also our Director Gary’s Lamba mentor.

Having worked with many Finance Industry professionals, Ilya was able to support Gary in cementing Melba Broker in Bayside and has provided sound advice over many legal matters.

Our Founder Gary is proud to collaborate with Ilya and his team where Furman + Furman often handles many of our clients conveyancing and legal matters.

Ilya is probably the first person to franchise a law firm in Australia. He loves entrepreneurial clients and revels in the challenges faced by businesses on a daily basis, whether with suppliers, competitors, landlords or staff.

Ellen Goh

Mortgage Broker Mentee

Ellen supports Melba Broker with loan processing and liaising with clients and various lenders to deliver a seamless and fast approval experience. 

Ellen has aspirations to become a Mortgage Broker in near future and is now enrolled in a 12 month development plan to become a full fledge broker. 

In her spare time, Ellen likes to get out into nature, go hiking, cycling and play softball.  She also enjoys listening to music, spending quality time with her kids and cooking for family and friends 

Micah Laresma

Admin Officer

Micah is an admin officer at Melba Broker and her role is to ensure our valued clients remain on competitive pricing at all times.

At work she enjoys administrative tasks and in her free time enjoys writing stories, poems along with cooking and gardening.

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