Asset/Commercial Finance in Melbourne

Asset finance that covers any business or personal
assets you require.

Asset Finance

Asset finance is generally tailored to suit small business owners, self-employed clients, and contractors. These loans enable clients to purchase the equipment they require to run their business, such as vehicles used for work. Even some business insurance ca be included.

However personal asset finance is available and one of the most popular options is for buying cars. Enquire now to find out more information about eligibility and asset finance options.

Asset Finance Melbourne
Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

A commercial loan is a loan amount secured by a commercial property. Typically these loans are used to buy commercial property, fund business operations or to buy business equipment. Enquire now to find out more information about eligibility and loan options.

Self Managed Super Fund Loans

A Self Managed Super Fund loan is a home loan used by a self managed super fund (SMSF) to buy investment property. Therefore any rental income or capital gains returns from the investment are channelled back into the super fund, boosting your retirement savings. Contact us now to find out how MelbaBroker can find the best Self Managed Super Fund loan option for you.

Self Managed Super Fund Loan
Development Loans

Development Loans

Property development finance refers to the amount you can borrow to help fund the construction of more than one property on one title. Generally financiers will divide property development into two components, and both can have very different approval processes, fees and charges, interest rates and risk assessments. Enquire now to find out more information about eligibility and development loan options.

Private Lending

So you have been turned down by big banks, and all the specialist lenders are battling to meet your financing requirements. Where do you go now? This is where Private Lending may be a viable solution. Private Lending is where a non traditional lender is used to fund your financial requirements.

Typically these lenders are wealthy private individuals or companies that have excess cash from their main area of business and are seeking to earn a higher return on their excess funds.

Here at MelbaBroker we have access to multiple private lenders which we have handpicked as the best options to suit whatever your financial requirements may be. Enquire now to find out more information about eligibility and Private Lending options.

Commercial Loans

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Robert Anthony
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Gary has been fantastic in servicing my financial planning clients, highly recommend his practice
Peta Lipec
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In good hands with Melba Mortgage Broker. Gary is very professional, makes the process easy to understand and smooth. Amazing customer service !
Tamee Tam
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Melba brokers are very professional . Provided my husband and I with a very quick approval . The process was seamless . Very highly recommended.
Vikas Sharma
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Gary is a thorough professional, he provided an excellent service and timely response when I was looking for my car loan. Now I know where to go when I get ready to get a home loan. Cheers Gaz
Gosia Gorniak
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Gary is the best. Ongoing commitment, long term approach, quick reaction to issues at hand, simply reliable and you can leave things in his capable hands. I love the result and looking forward to more.

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